Off-grid Commune

Live in an Off-Grid Commune

Interested to start a survivalist community or find off-grid communities looking for members?

Many people want access to an off-grid commune to live in or to retreat to when you need it.

Going off-grid doesn’t mean you have to give up everything modern. With solar energy and Starlink, you could remain connected to communication and remote work opportunities in even the most remote locations.


Ways to make a living in a remote off-grid community

  1. If you and your household are able to vacate your remote dwelling on occasion, visitor rent or timeshare payment could help cover your homeownership costs. Vacation rental online platforms can make advertising your place easy. Friends and family members may be interested in co-purchasing as an investment and as a vacation time share. Our consultants can help you work out the details together.
  2. You might find a way to make your remote setting the main part of your work. As a recreation business or retreat, you could have your remote peaceful setting and good company as well. Check out the pages Retreat or event hosting or Recreation venture teams with shared housing.
  3. Subsistence living is most often unaffordable, unless you are retired or independently wealthy. It requires skill sets that most urbanites might fantasize about but that require a large set of skills that take time to master. Setting up a farm, ranch, or ecovillage with others who have needed skills could be workable. Check out the pages Ecovillage and urban agrihood and Small farms and ranches.
  4. If you are able to work remotely, there are plenty of resources to help you explore your options and level up. Here are some great podcasts to get you started and plenty of online tips.


Riverbed Ranch is an off-grid community offering land and water rights in Utah.

One millennial couple purchased a large property to start a tiny home community in BC. A large farm in BC is looking for good company to share and/or invest in their somewhat remote self sufficient lifestyle.

The Possibility Alliance shows in video how young people have found a way to go back to basics.

Consultants for an Off Grid Commune

Members interested in an Off Grid Commune


The book Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills is a classic for those wanting to master homesteading skills. For those concerned with disaster preparedness, this podcast at time mark 54:30, archeologist Chris Begley describes how community is more important than survival skills.

Highgrove Farm & Commons presents the Lifeboat Project, a network to build local food security.

The Academy of Self-reliance and Utah OSR Land Co-op help people create self-reliant homesteads thru courses and youtube videos. has a wealth of resources and forums about off-grid living.

See our collection of quotes about doomsday scenarios and potential seismic shifts in the economic and institutional landscape.

If you are located within a day’s walk of a metropolitan area, you might offer disaster relief temporary shelter as a contracted prepaid service. See details below.