Whether you use an Android or iPhone, you can easily add a home screen icon that looks just like other app icons and is a shortcut to a webpage. For an iPhone, in the browser, tap the Share button on a webpage, hit "add to home screen," then select "add." For an Android, launch Chrome then go to the webpage you want to make a shortcut to. Tap the vertical ellipses (…) on the screen to open a menu, and then tap “add to home screen.” Alternatively, using the Samsung internet app, go to the webpage you want to make a shortcut to. Tap the menu icon. Tap “add page too” (next to the plus sign). Tap “add to home screen.”

Our coding is original. We have avoided use of plugins, which can have cybersecurity risks. We take all standard safety precautions in payment processing. Our webhost GreenGeeks has the latest technology in security features.

We get it. There’s a lot of personal information in the profile. That’s why we use a memoji instead of a photo. We also ask you not to use your real name as a display name. The chat function on the website allows you to communicate without sharing your contact information until you feel comfortable. See our Privacy Policy.

Make sure that you have answered each of the 25 questions with an asterisk (*). When you get a new match, you should receive an email. Tell friends about the website so they can sign up and see how well you match. Take the time to answer all the questions. You never know which are most important for others to know, and others might feel more comfortable contacting you when you show you’re serious about letting them know who you are. You might also consider being more open about what traits or situations you will accept; however, it’s best to stay consistent with what you actually prefer and believe. You’ll only set yourself up for frustration—and eventually annoy others—if you try to present yourself in a way you think others would be impressed by.

They will not see your email address or user name. You should use a display name that you don’t use on other platforms, and not your real name. Communication with others can stay on the platform until you feel it’s safe to give out your contact information or meet up with people. All the profile questions you answer will be visible to other registered users.

As a subscriber, your profile will show up on all of the group types pages that you select as a main interest.

In general, we refer to Wikipedia for definitions of terms.

Household: Similar to the tax code meaning, for IC purposes "you and your household" indicates people who when they next move, will likely move as a unit.