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building intentional communities

What is intentional community?

1. Voluntary sharing of space such as community buildings near residences, connected land parcels, or shared residences

2. High level of social cohesion or teamwork

3. Agreement about core values and governance style

1. A subtype of intentional community

2. Three or more people living in the same residence, with at least one not legally defined as family or dependant

3. Planned social involvement, shared governance, and often a shared purpose

What is coliving community?

We connect people

Our focus is helping individuals find other individuals and groups for coliving.

  • Free searches of community-minded individuals, groups, and consultants
  • Free private online messaging
  • Free profile (or low-cost upgrade)
  • Curated resources for a variety of coliving community types

Find others with community values

Some want to share housing, while others want to live in separate units but share activities and resources as a work group or friend group. This site helps you identify key areas of compatibility so that together, you can create the type of connections you’re looking for.

  • Living with or near others with similar values and lifestyle
  • Increasing self-sufficiency or sustainability
  • Sharing the equipment or spaces for specific interests or activities

How ICmatch is unique

Our services help you get beneath the surface, to make deep and lasting connections and resolve differences.

Our messaging service lets you stay anonymous. Send external links or contact info when you choose to, with no paywall.

Advanced compatibility matching gives you the best chance to develop trust and workable agreements.

Our powerful filters help you find what matters to you. Access searches and all other essential functions for free.

We help you identify community types you’re interested in, such as tiny homes, an off-grid commune, or a shared house.

We ensure profiles that appear have been accessed within the past year, so people you contact should be reachable.

How can coliving community improve your quality of life?

1. Maintain a high standard of living at less cost by sharing resources.

2. The right amount of togetherness contributes to a satisfying social life.

3. Research indicates that groups often make better decisions than individuals.

4. Over time, coliving community members can rely on each other to get thru challenges.

5. A sense of connection leads to health benefits and greater longevity.