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This site can help people with particular needs and preferences to find each other. Search below for individual and household profiles. Some of them might be part of a forming group or established intentional community. As you read profiles, it will help you to know that the responses are mostly from multiple choice items with the instruction for members to choose all options that they’re okay with. As a result, some responses may seem contradictory if a member is open to many options.

Search Logic

  • You can select more than one option in each search box. Leave any search box blank if you are okay with all options for that box.
  • If you don’t leave a field blank, the search will pull up member profiles that include only the responses that you select. For example, if the response options you select for the item “My gender + number” are “non-binary” and “non-binary + dependents,” only people who described themselves that way will come up in the search. Non-binary pairs, females, and males will not show up.

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Privacy Features

You can wait to share your identity when you are ready to. When you create a free profile for matching, we ask you to use a display name that is not your real name. Instead of a photo, we provide a program to create a memoji, a picture representation of yourself. By not sharing your identity up front, you can feel more comfortable being honest and detailed about personal preferences. Direct messaging lets you ask questions and view someone else’s profile before sharing your contact information.

Profile Matching

ICmatch has a powerful backend matching function. It helps you be precise about what characteristics are deal-breakers and which are a must. Members will only get matched with others if (a) they answer the 28 matching questions (indicated by “MATCHING Q”) and (b) at least one of their multiple choice responses overlaps for all of a set of questions. Three sets within the matching questions lets you match others in three categories: place, work, or relationship (more about this at the button below). When ready, you can send external links or contact information thru our free messaging service. We want it to be easy and functional. We’ll send you an email when you get a match. You can turn on an email response function to get a notification if there’s a message to you that’s been waiting a week. From there, you can investigate compatibility further by reading the profiles of your matches. We hope you’ll invest time to answer all of the questions eventually. This will help others who are a good match to identify you more easily without having to ask a lot of questions.

Profiles Stay Active

If you’ve ever been on a site where you message others and get no response, you may have wondered how many inactive past users you are messaging. Our requirements ensure that profiles you are matched with belong to recently active users. Profiles that aren’t logged into regularly or that have only a few responses will eventually be deleted (after a warning). That means you probably won’t be writing to ghost profiles or people who share very little about themselves.