Team up

Form a Founder’s Group or Add to Your Household

ICmatch can help you find others to join with you as a commune or small residential community, or create a leadership team working toward a larger project. Or you might be adding to a household that’s already part of an established intentional community. If you haven’t yet, first create a member profile, then you can create your group profile. Here’s what’s required:

  • Your Profile page (when logged into My Account) needs to show 100% in the circle chart, which means answering the first popup matching questions, posting a memoji or photo, and answering a few more questions. Then your My Account page will show a Groups tab on the left with an option to create a group description and invite others to it.
  • A group coordinator should respond within 30 days to prospective members who contact them.
  • Read and adhere to the Terms of Use.

Search Database for Groups

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