Team up

ICmatch can help you team up:

  • join with others to start a commune or small residential community
  • create a leadership team working toward a community sharing economy project
  • add to a household that’s already part of an established intentional community

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I’m Meant To Be There

Hoping to find a place, and I thought,…

Upper Midwest U.S. , Northeast U.S. , Southeast U.S.

Healers/Green Witches Unite

My dream is to have a medi-spa/healing sanctuary…

Rocky Mountain U.S. , Upper Midwest U.S. , Southwest U.S.

Duncan Cohousing Development Perfect Site

Potential site: 247 and 257 Evans Street full private…


Conscious Living Collective in Carbondale CO

CLC is a non-profit affiliated with a group…

Rocky Mountain U.S.

Lost Lake Cohousing in Nanaimo

New cohousing on Vancouver Island in forming and…


Cohousing in Vancouver BC (mainland)

These cohousing developments listed below are under construction.…


High Road Haven

Forming-phase, NM west-side Rockies. 17-acre farmstead, 4 under…

Southwest U.S.

Hedgerow Hill Farm

We are seeking two families to buy in…

Rocky Mountain U.S.

Vancouver Island Regenerative Eco Farm-Village

In founding stage of a permaculture farm IC.…


Cohousing on Vancouver Island BC

These cohousing developments listed below are under construction.…


College Commune in San Luis Obispo 2024

This place is pretty close to paradise. The…

Pacific Coast U.S.

You don’t have to create community alone, nor can you! Find your teammates. There are people who have the skills to complement yours and want deeply to put them into practice. Many see no current opportunity to do so, because society is not structured to support many of the values intentional communities are built around. Your people could be long-term trusted friends, or even family members. Let them know about your goals, so they can let you know when they come across resources. Volunteer or visit non-profits or activist groups to find like-minded people. You may find some thru social media or online tribes that have an interest in a particular influencer. You may find some interested people thru events you create. Sharing a passion for the same activities or sharing a belief system helps groups to bond and last, so it can help to simply let people know about your project as you go about your normal life.

If these ideas sound daunting or outside the realm of possibility in your current situation, start small. Host a dinner for friends who have a worldview in some way similar to yours, or a worldview that intrigues you. Invite them to come prepared to discuss what might be a viable way to address a common concern. You could make the theme “think global, act local.”