How can I complain about a member?

ICmatch doesn’t want to police the chats, but we do want all members to feel respected. We expect the following:

  • Please do not write to others to give them feedback or criticism about their profile answers unless they ask for your comments. Our suggestions are as follows: Do not offer unsolicited feedback even if you feel your critique is important. Do not offer unsolicited feedback even if you intend to state it kindly. Do not offer criticisms in the form of questions, for example, “Why would you believe it is appropriate to…?”
  • If you find a chat comment irritating or immature, we ask that instead of seeing it as a teachable moment, you simply disengage. 
  • If you feel a comment shows a clear intent to insult or offend, do provide ICmatch helpdesk with screenshots of the comments, including your statements that the commenter was responding to. If members report hostile or goading comments or questions in the chats or profile responses, and show evidence, this will result in a warning. Second or third offenses may cause membership to be paused or revoked. 
  • There is no obligation to respond to any questions in chats, unless you are a group coordinator and others inquire about joining. We’ve tried to make it easy to politely block unwanted chats. Use the pre-fab responses button, found above the chat box when a chat message is open. See the FAQ “What do the pre-fab responses say?”