Features Overview

ICmatch helps people find compatibility for creating close long-term relationships, especially for local in-person groups. It is ideal for forming and maintaining a core leadership group for working toward co-housing, group land purchase, creating a neighborhood resilience circle that is like a chosen family, and many other projects. It can also support groups with more short term needs in the sharing economy such as a kids play group or car share, especially one that is based on shared beliefs about pandemic-related regulations. You can post a profile to be matched with others based on your response to many categories of questions including the size of community you want, gender identities, religious affiliation, and many lifestyle choices. Though there are many social media sites and other services that have a similar function of creating groups of people with similar interests, the main benefit of ICmatch is prompting the sharing of detailed information that can help people more easily identify who would and wouldn’t likely share the same preferences on a variety of indicators that are more important if you’re living and working in partnership with others. At ICmatch, it’s about the relationships first, and the practical purpose of the group second. We are not trying to manage the groups that are formed nor manage the services they are interested in. We provide a platform for people to meet and discuss how they uniquely can create cooperative P2P arrangements to meet their specific needs. The Next Steps page tells you how to get started.