Platforms for Residential Intentional Community

The following icons identify functions of the listed platforms.

Global or National Organizations Focused on IC Creation & Listing

Foundation for Intentional Community

  • Mapped worldwide directory of ICs of a variety of types
  • search for forming & existing ICs
  • Info-pages for individual ICs with contact link
  • Paid courses by IC leaders with decades of experience
  • Paid classified ads
  • Forums by topic
  • Newsletter & bookstore

Global Ecovillage Network

  • Sub-pages for different continents
  • Pages for individual ecovillage descriptions with contact link
  • Info-pages for individual ICs with contact info
  • Resources for ICs ecological preservation and gardening/farming
  • Courses on permaculture
  • Newsletter & bookstore
  • Map of ecovillages
  • Consultants listing
  • Events listing

CohoUS | Canadian Cohousing Network |

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

  • Detailed how-to steps for creating cohousing
  • Directories for communities, seekers, and consultants
  • Classified ads for property listings
  • Courses and events

Federation of Egalitarian Communities

  • Annual assembly for governance issues
  • Policy recommendation, shared funds, labor exchange
  • Collection of many community bylaws and agreements

  • Backend matching IC seekers with current founders
  • Searchable IC-seeker profiles for U.S. and Canada
  • Searchable profiles of IC-related consultants
  • One-to-one simple chat
  • Resource pages for 28 specific community types
  • Resource lists including grants for specific project types


  • Paid membership for access to online forum & info
  • Hosts events including online conference
  • Focus on high tech solutions & ecological health
  • Focus on younger adults

  • Private communication platform; members join by invite
  • Integration with kickstarter
  • Projects include residential and non-residential

Networks for IC-adjacent Projects

  • Forums and books for permaculture and homesteading
  • Free videos and podcast
  • Online and in-person permaculture courses

  • Map of location-based “freedom cells” (suggests groups of 8)
  • Interest groups can be mutual aid networks or co-purchase land
  • In-person & online “exit & build” summit (conference)
  • Calendar of local events by groups and online events
  • Sell and swap peer-to-peer Agora platform
  • Individual profiles with photos
  • Moderated forum thru Telegram app
  • Anonymous messaging

Transition Network

  • Mapped network of community projects and sustainable businesses at
  • In-person training in egalitarian decision-making

Residence at Room-and-Board Workstay

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms

  • Extended (not permanent) workstays on organic farms
  • Average ask is 25 hours per week
  • Platform access $40 single or $65 pair USD per year

  • Extended (not permanent) workstays on farms, ecovillages, private families
  • Emphasizes foreign cultural exchange hosting
  • Typically ask 4-5 hours of work 5 days per week
  • Infrequently offers paid positions
  • Platform access appx. $50 single or $60 pair USD per year

See also a list from (external site) 21 specialized directories

Regional IC networks in North America: These are organizations creating networks, but they don’t necessarily have online databases, so some aren’t listed in the tables above.

Those seeking to join existing communities will benefit from Diane Leafe Christian’s book Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community, also available thru the FIC website.

Needs of the intentional community movement: a big-picture discussion of the next steps