Definitions for Residential Intentional Community

Every culture and field of study has some jargon or specific meanings. These definitions can give you some clarity about word meanings.

Coliving: Three or more people living in the same residence, with at least one not legally defined as family or a dependant. This could be considered a subtype of intentional community if it has planned social involvement, agreements, and shared purpose.

    Intentional community: While some who are unfamiliar with the intentional community movement use this term differently, within the movement it has long meant (a) voluntary sharing of space such as community buildings near residences, connected land parcels, or shared residences; (b) a high level of social cohesion or teamwork (sharing some purpose for their group or location); and (c) agreement about core values and governance style.

    Household: Our use is similar to the tax code meaning. For IC purposes “you and your household” indicates people who when they next move, will likely move as a unit.