Three Behind-the-scenes Match Types

Whatever types of intentional communities you may be interested in, our behind-the-scenes automated matching can help speed up your search. While we’re still relatively new, we need to make it easier for you to match, so if you overlap with another member on any of the three match types below, you will get a match. Later, as the member base grows, we will change it to needing to match at least one response on all of the 25 matching questions. When you get a member match notification, we tell you which of the categories you matched on.

Match type: community as a work team and owner group

These matches should be compatible in the following areas as a leadership team: group types, reasons for shared housing, location, governance style, resources & contribution. The group members may plan to live in the same facility, or may work in the facility serving community members who share rooms. They will need to agree on guidelines for the served members, including the following areas: drugs policy, overnight guest policy, sexual orientations, relationship norms, children or no, pandemic restrictions policies, and noise level.

Match type: relationship-focused, location-flexible, with shared living space

These matches should be compatible in the following areas: group types, reasons for shared housing, closeness of living space, clutter and cleanliness levels, drugs, overnight guests, genders, ages, pandemic isolation preference, noise tolerance.

Match type: place-focused for longer term, with possibly less shared living space

These matches should be compatible in the following areas: group types, reasons for shared housing, food production or no, closeness of living space, ownership types, location regions, population density, off-grid or no, ages, types of contribution (financial versus work hours), drugs, and overnight guest policy.

Other ways to find a match

1. See our detailed list of community types. Each links to its own page and shows members interested in that type of IC. You might find compatible people by scrolling thru the featured members. These might be some of the more motivated members because they’ve subscribed so they can show up on that page.

2. Do some searches by location and other search categories that are important to you.

3. Take the time to answer all the questions. You never know which characteristics are most important for others to know. Others might feel more comfortable contacting you when you show you’re serious about letting them know who you are. You might also consider being more open about what traits or situations you will accept. Yet it’s best to stay consistent with what you actually prefer and believe. You’ll only set yourself up for frustration—and eventually annoy others—if you try to present yourself in a way you think others would be impressed by, but doesn’t match how you typically are.

4. Tell friends about the website so they can sign up and see how well you match.