Robert Rivello

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Modalities & Areas of Expertise

Robert is an award-winning artist, healer, and musician.  He graduated with a degree in business and Marketing and studied journalism & grant writing at university.  He enjoys learning about all things organic, holistic, sustainable, and regenerative, 

He offers:

  • Regenerative Property Development Designs
  • Project Management 
  • Workshops, classes, and staff training 

Robert is very proud to be a two-time cancer survivor who has been at the forefront of medical canna cultivation in Northern California for 20 years, where he designed 30 projects. Familiar working with Architects, Engineers, and Contractors. Leading teams of 20+ people for 15 years he learned some valuable lessons about

  • Group dynamics
  • Directing Operations
  • Project Management

In addition to designing traditional property development plans, he Incorporates many regenerative elements. Building  Multi-Level Edible food foresting, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, permaculture, water, and soil science into projects. Robert is a Permaculture actualist, completing 20 installation projects and synthesizing countless hours of learning with the industry leaders.  With food systems and water security becoming increasingly paramount, more people are designing systems for abundance. His designs utilize low maintenance, perenial abundant systems to actualize food security. 

He has been working in the sustainable networks for 30 years,  attending many events, and has been hired to give speeches to large audiences at some well-known sustainable conferences.  He is connected with some interesting networks of Regenerative projects and investors looking at building communities in a new way. Robert is excited about connecting projects & building resilient community networks.

His current services he offers;

  • Teaching 
  • Consulting 
  • Giving workshops
  • Board positions for long-term steering

Contact him to schedule a complementary free 15-minute discovery call.  

Training and Certification

  • University of Montana. Bs Business Marketing
  • Permaculture training in several climates & countries, 
  • Outward Bound (Outdoor Leadership School)

Consultant Types

Mentoring, Group facilitation, Leadership, Business management, Marketing or website, Permaculture and agriculture, Sanitation & water systems

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