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Modalities & Areas of Expertise

My focus is on intentional communities, but I have experience with a range of cooperative organizations including businesses and nonprofits. If you’re a forming or established group looking for support in aligning your vision or purpose, making plans, addressing issues, designing community-building events and rituals, developing your organizational structure and culture - or are simply interested in a deep exploration of who you are and what you’re doing as a group, I may be able to help! I specialize in taking a whole-systems approach to help groups uncover underlying dynamics, have difficult conversations, develop shared understanding, and find ways to move forward together. I bring an analysis and awareness of power, privilege, oppression, trauma, justice, and identity into all of the work I do.

Training and Certification

Over 25 years experience living in and working with intentional communities.

Consultant Types

Consensus facilitation, Finance advising, Mentoring, Group facilitation, Mediation & conflict resolution, Leadership, Team recreation, Membership &/or DEI, Business management

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Pacific Coast U.S.