Van-dwelling Co-travelers

photo by Halanna Halila

Life on the road can be wonderful. The freedom, perspective, and intake of the world around you is unmatched. But you also crave connections with people who understand van life. You can begin to find or create van life community here!


Reasons to find or start a van-dwelling co-travelers group

  1. As fun as it is meeting new people at festivals, it’s great to know there are a few people who have your back in an emergency, and you have theirs. There is safety in numbers.
  2. If you have kids, now or in the future, connecting with other van life kiddoes normalizes their experience and makes it more fun.
  3. It’s great that there are tons of tips and advice columns online, but the best kept secrets are going to be reserved for in-person friends.
  4. Eventually, sometime down the road you might want to settle in one place, even if temporarily. Should that time come, having a passel of like minded close friends to build with or near could be just what you need for the next phase of life.


The Van Life Caravan describes the benefits of traveling as a two-van group. Another van dwelling blogger describes details of van life, adding in descriptions of their part time boat dwelling.

Consultants for Van Life Co-travelers

Members Interested in a Van Life Co-travelers Group


Gnomadhome has great tips on finding parking spots. offers P2P storage and parking. While it doesn’t specifically cater to vanlife, it does put you in touch with people who are willing to take a fee for a parking space. and also list parkable RV spots. There are also apps for finding public toilets. A quick search will show hundreds of websites and youtubers with resources and inspiration for van life.

If you’re not a van-life traveler but are considering it, Sachiko gives you a realistic breakdown of the pros and cons of van dwelling. caters more to RVs, but also has services relevant to van travelers. These include a map directory of discount parks, job and worker listings, mail forwarding, roadside assistance, and interest-based communities.

Co-owned RV and mobile home parks also have resources for travelers.