Shared Values as the Basis for Community

All the intentional community types have some type of shared values, yet some are more specifically values-centered in departing from mainstream assumptions of self-interest being the main guiding principle. This makes them the least transactional of relationships. This gives them both a heartfelt idealism and at the same time a vulnerability to being worn down or destroyed by the entry of those who see a potential for exploitation. In addition, the community-based relationships could be destroyed by those who have no intention to do so, but who simply are not ready to take on the necessary roles and attitudes to create and evolve community. The attempt at intentional community fails more often than not, and isn’t recommended. If you feel called to it, this site was built for you. With many past experiments in communal life as a guide, move carefully into this space, holding your idealism side by side with–let’s not call it realism, because so many people experience that as cynicism. Move carefully into creating your community experiences and agreements with determination to see and ameliorate uncomfortable truths about human nature. The resources for founders groups are intended to guide you.

Economic & Cultural Change: This may give your group inspiration or discussion points.