Age-in-Place Residential Community

team up for age-in-place residential community

Would you love to live closer to friends?

Find or Create Age-in-Place Residential Community

You’ve worked hard to reach a comfortable standard of living. You want to live the remainder of your life being around people who have similar values who enjoy some of the same pastimes that you do. You don’t want to get stuck in a rest home in your later years, so you’ll want to include some younger folks willing to fill some personal caretaking roles when needed. You want to contribute purposefully to a better world, in a way that your investments make a long-term impact. Creating residential community that will last longer than your lifetime is a way to do that. There are people who have created a magically unique residential setting for themselves and those they love, with trustworthy people who can take care of the place. Here’s how you can start exploring what this might look like for you.

Explore established communities

There might be a residential community that already is a perfect fit for you. Talk with consultants who specialize in matching people to communities that have openings.

Create your must-haves list

Our form will guide you thru describing your must-haves, your must-not-haves, and your wish list. Then we can discuss options based on existing resources available to you and those you invite to join you.

Help us describe you

We’ll help you create an anonymous profile to give service providers a chance to see if joining up with you looks workable for them. We can fill them in on details so you don’t have to.

We find compatible helpers

Our team will vet applicants and provide you with finalists to consider, unless you want to do this yourself.

Meet online & in person

We can facilitate meetings to be as productive and enjoyable as possible. Both community seekers and founders benefit from including experienced professionals in the discussion.

Consultants help create agreements

We can help your friend group create workable agreements. This can include negotiating about the needs of the service-providing residents also.

Find your dream property

We can connect you with real estate professionals who specialize in shared land or shared buildings. We also help track down potential funding sources.

Finalize ownership contracts

You might have your own trusted legal professionals to manage contracts. If not, we will track down experienced lawyers with a background in intentional community work.

assist when needed

We help you access a variety of consultant types so that you have continued support whenever needed over the years.

Meet Your Community Creation Guide

I’ll help you identify qualified consultants and put together a team of compatible community-seekers who have the experience and skill sets you need in your age-in-place community. You could think of me as a general contractor for community building. My qualifications include having lived in a residential intentional community, as well as the following:

  • Master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University, specializing in study of personality traits
  • Certified mediator for over four years, specializing in games-based political conflict resolution
  • Project management and hiring experience for over a decade
  • Social work and residential care work experience (two years)
  • Developed, a listing service for community seekers and founders, and consultants

For more information, contact [email protected]