Needs-based Housing & Social Safety Nets

Groups planning an intentional community based on creating a non-profit to meet a social need should first be compatible as a leadership team. Carefully consider the level of support you can deliver as you start out. It’s important not to overwhelm your team early on, so you may plan increasing your number of needs-based members over time.

ICmatch guide to creating shelter and treatment-based intentional communities: focuses on several of the most vulnerable populations such as trafficked women and children

Clubhouse model of publically-funded support: discusses daytime services offered to a vulnerable population

Caring Economy Campaign: has a publication from the Center for Partnership Studies, discussing how to move from an economic model of scarcity and dominance to one of abundance and sharing.

New housing toolkit: promotes Innovative Housing Practices for BC municipal governments

Community as a work team: this page may also have relevant resources for your service-based IC

Physical security: Keeping a vulnerable residents safe from external intruders, if extra concern is warranted in your area.