Timeshare Cabin Instructions and Rules

The following is an example from a contract for a jointly-owned cabin that is a family inheritance, which is sometimes used for joint gatherings and sometimes individually. These timeshare cabin instructions and rules help ensure that all members do their share to maintain the safety of the property and show respect to others who use and maintain the property.

Everyone is responsible for bringing their own food. All food is to be removed upon leaving. This includes condiments, frozen food, and bags of ice. Food attracts mice, and power outage can cause spoilage and messes.

Everyone is responsible for removing his or her own trash and belongings. Nothing is to be burned, buried, dumped in the slash area, nor put in the outhouse. This includes diapers.

We are allowed one stack of fire wood 30 feet from the cabin. Do not make any other stacks, as they will need to be removed prior to inspection. Always fill the fire wood box next to the wood stove if you have used some, and leave kindling for the next person.

Electrical System
All circuit breakers marked with red paint should be off when you arrive and should be off when you leave. Do not turn the water heater or pump on until you follow the steps below.

Pump and Water System
When you arrive, the outside water valves should be off. When you leave the valves should be off. Off looks like this: ____.

  1. Upon arrival, open the valve to the water main and give the water five to ten minutes to reach the pump.
  2. Turn on the pump breaker. Do not turn on the water heater breaker yet.
  3. Turn on all sinks and tubs, both the hot and cold water taps, in the kitchen and bathroom. Wait until all the air is driven out of the hot and cold water line before closing the tap (stops sputtering).
  4. At the water heater, place a container under the overflow pipe and trip the pop off valve. Bleed off any air in the tank until water goes into the container, then close the pop off.
  5. Now look under the cabin near the kitchen porch stairs and make sure there are no leaks in the piping. If there are leaks, turn off the pump and shut off the outside water valves until repairs are made! You will need to use your own water that you bring with you as a backup. You can pour water down sinks.
  6. If there are no leaks, turn on the water heater breaker.
  7. Turn the pump and water heater off at night. If needed, follow the steps above in the morning. Turn the water heater and pump off if leaving for the day. If the pump is not needed, turn it off.
    The water feeding the cabin comes from __________.

Many things can cause problems. If the pump is running and there is no or low water, the county or Forest Service is not responsible.

Spring Opening
The cabin is open in the spring when the roads are firm and it is not freezing at night, usually mid May. Use of the cabin before spring opening will be allowed only by special permission.

The cabin is closed for the winter when it is freezing at night and/or the roads become soft. Use of the cabin after it is winterized is restricted and will be allowed only by special permission.

Road and Parking
The proper road to use is _________. This road is to be used coming and going. The parking area is _________. Do not park in the road.

Tents, Trailers, and Campers
It is against Forrest Service rules to allow camping by others on the cabin lot. No tents, campers, or trailers are allowed.

Personal Property
There is not enough space at the cabin to store personal gear. Please take your property with you when you leave. Any item unintentionally left behind may be donated to a thrift store. No one is responsible to figure out whose belongings were left nor to return them.

The Forest Service does not allow any fireworks in the area. Do not bring them to the cabin.

Guns and Shooting
Shooting is not allowed in the area. Any shooting must be done in legal areas. Know and follow gun safety rules and the laws.

Illegal Activities
No illegal activities will be tolerated. This includes underage drinking of alcohol or using the cabin while illegally hunting, fishing, or wood collecting.

Good Neighbor Policy
Be a good neighbor to other cabins nearby. Keep the noise down after 8:00 p.m. Drive no faster than 20 mph in the cabin area.

The “loop” is listed as mixed use by the Forest Service. ATVs may be ridden around the loop between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Do not drive in any areas not listed on the Forest Service ATV maps. Do not cross the streams or ride in the meadows. When leaving the “loop” area close the gates.

Lock Up and Leaving
Check all doors and windows to make sure they are latched and locked. Lower all blinds. Double check the kitchen door to make sure it latched. Turn off breakers and water as described above.

Loss of Privileges
Anyone with use privileges is responsible for any damage done by themselves or their guests, thus they are the responsible party to restore the cabin should it be damaged. Loss of privilege can result from (a) not following these timeshare cabin instructions and rules, (b) removing items from the cabin without permission, (c) not having repairs made after damage, (d) failure to return keys. Copying and distributing keys can result in the locks being changed and the responsible party being billed for the cost of the new locks with a loss of privileges until costs are paid.

A signed acknowledgement copy of the timeshare cabin instructions and rules must be on file before one is allowed to reserve the cabin. After reading this document, to indicate your agreement, sign and return a copy to _________.
I _______
__________ have read and agree to these rules. Signed _____________________ Date