Emergency preparedness location plan

Disaster Prep Shared Cabin

This page discusses several plans that can give you assurance that you and those you care about have somewhere safe to go in the event of an emergency. Although it’s easy to put off this kind of planning, the effort to establish an emergency preparedness location plan can strengthen your relationships with family and friends.


Ways to team up for safely waiting out a disaster

  1. Friends and family members may be interested in co-purchasing a cabin that could be used as a vacation time share, but double as a base camp available to all in the event of a natural disaster that forces one or more to leave their homes for a time. Alternatively, see if a friend with a cabin is interested to team up to get some help with upkeep and expenses in exchange for being the designated emergency hideaway.
  2. In gated neighborhoods with a homeowner’s association, you could host a meeting to discuss disaster preparedness and get commitments from others to play specific roles. Approach the HOA for a budget to use for emergency supplies.
  3. If you don’t live in a gated neighborhood but like the idea, consider teaming up to create one out of your suburban or city block. If you and your neighbors next door, or to the back of you, have a good relationship and see an advantage to having gated play space and gardens, you could flip the whole fencing model. If you block off the front sidewalk and keep open the back and sides of your property, and neighbors are willing to do the same, you have created a gated community within which you collectively set your own rules. Children and pets can play safely with less supervision. This also would create a safer situation in the event of a natural disaster or other unrest that could spark criminal activity. You’ll need to check city and/or HOA regulations about fencing.
  4. Make friends with a farmer or rancher. You might make a deal to pre-pay for “rent” to stay with them for a period of time if there were to be a disaster causing you to leave your regular residence for a time. This helps the farmers and ranchers too!


Binta Lake Farm: This large estate in BC is looking for good company to share and/or invest in their somewhat remote self sufficient lifestyle.

Possibility Alliance: Shows in video how young people have found a way to go back to basics.

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  • Rules for shared vacation home: an example from a contract for a jointly-owned cabin that is a family inheritance, which is sometimes used for joint gatherings and sometimes individually. This can give you ideas how to avoid typical problems of shared ownership.
  • Emergency timeshare contract: an example of an intentional community adjacent to but not within a metropolitan area offers disaster relief temporary shelter as a contracted prepaid service.

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