Community for Digital Nomads

British author David Goodhart coined the terms somewheres and anywheres to describe people who are more locally rooted (and usually more socially conservative) as opposed to globalists who are well adapted to change (who often crave variety). A life of travel often appeals to young adult city dwellers who find interchangeable services in any metropolitan area. Somewheres build up social capital, while anywheres must rely more on financial capital and transitory friendships to meet their needs. Somewheres seem more likely to value stable community relations, yet anywheres also recognize the need for community, typically forming it online. Some groups, such as those that frequent van-dwelling forums, try to do both. They value meeting up in person periodically with those they’ve connected with at festivals. Anywheres also value the capacity to visit novel surroundings.

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Digital nomads or global nomads must cultivate community more intentionally. As an “anywhere” type, you might find a balance of stability and novelty by teaming up with others for a stable base from which to travel. The following are only a few of the options related to intentional community for digital nomads. Find many more at the community types page.