How to Join the Consultant List

ICmatch provides a searchable consultant list to help forming or established intentional communities find the professional help they need. Maintaining your listing as a consultant is free.

We focus on specializations relevant to founders or forming-stage communities. We need to ensure that your services are a good fit for the site. The initial registration is short and simple. If you fill that out, you’ll hear from us soon about your listing.

Here’s how the consultant registration and login process should go.

  1. The Services page has an outline and descriptions to help you understand the consultant types you can list as. Please make note of which you qualify for and want to focus your work on.
  1. Please take a few minutes to read the Terms of Use. Look for the section heading Consultant Agreements. It lists expectations that we ask you to commit to. By completing your registration, you indicate that you have read and will abide by the Terms of Use.
  1. In the menu bar find the tab “Consultants” and click or tap there. There’s a purple bar near the top of that page. Click or tap where it says “Click here.”
  1. Fill in the fields of the member registration form (the top of it is shown below). The red asterisks indicate which fields are mandatory. Some can be filled in later, but there needs to be enough information that we can make sure you’re a good fit for our listings. The username cannot be changed and will not be seen by others. The email for a consultant profile must be different from the email address of any member profile.
  1. Click “Register” (orange button at the end). Then you should get an email from our automated system to inform you that your email address has been verified.
  1. Now you will need to be accepted on the backend. Please send a note to [email protected] if you want to make sure we get to this right away.

After you’re vetted, you should hear from us that you’re good to go, or we might ask for more information.

  1. After we make sure this listing is a good fit for you and for us, we’ll let you know when you’re cleared to log in. To log in, go to From your computer screen, the top right of the menu bar should show a login button. From your phone screen, you’ll see a white head-and-shoulders person icon. These bring you to the login screen. It’s a fairly standard process from here.
  1. After you log in, you’ll see a “My Account” button or person icon. You’ll see a tab “Profile.” This is where you’ll go to change or add to what was on the registration form. Please add a photo of yourself, your community, or your logo.
  1. At the tab “Profile Qs” you can add more information. The first question is the most important. Please note that the questions in the Profile Qs tab show up in the same way for consultants as they do for members. Where it says “IC types I would live in or am forming,” select the types of communities that you are most familiar with and interested in consulting for. Members will use these categories to search for consultants.
  1. Please fill in more answers when you find time. This content can help clients get a better sense of your expertise and interests. If they email to ask about you, it could help to point them to these responses to save yourself time. A lot of people will be shy about asking, so giving them answers up front is a huge help for groups to sort out who it would be workable and enjoyable to bring in as a consultant. Some profile questions might not seem relevant, such as your sexual orientation. You can skip any questions you choose to, however, some communities may be looking for a consultant that has a similar orientation and values as their community members. Below is an example of a consultant profile page. Notice the tab named “Details” below the photo. That’s where a few profile questions will show up for members to view. The format is similar to the member profile questions, but there will be a much more limited number for consultants.
  1. With a $3 monthly subscription you will be automatically listed on the Community Types pages for the community types you select (e.g., ecovillage, resource-sharing commune). Your profile thumbnail will show up on the page, like the example below. The Subscription tab is found in your My Account page.

12. Promotional offer: If you would like to be listed on a community types page without paying for the optional subscription, you can get the free promo by providing one free session per month to an ICmatch group or individual that we designate. Send an email to [email protected] to sign up for this offer.