Marketing Services

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You HATE marketing and sales?

You’re likely one of those people who would rather get a tooth pulled than try to sell others on their offerings. You’d rather be in the sharing economy, the gift economy, barter, anything but trying to convince uninterested people that you have something they need and should pay for. Marketing can feel like a package of intrusiveness and slight dishonesty, or more kindly said, intentional bias. Not your thing. But the people who really would love and gladly pay for your service, lodging, or product, how will they find you?

Get Some Help From Ethical Marketing Experts

The benefit of hiring a marketing expert is that there’s a lot to know. You may not have time to level up on SEO (always changing), emailing systems, and deciding where your limited marketing budget would be best spent. A marketing consultant listed with ICmatch can help your funds and time have the biggest impact. If you don’t find here what you’re looking for, check freelance platforms like Eloquenti, Timewise, or Upwork.

Find a Marketer to Join Your Community

If you’re on ICmatch, safe bet you believe in teams. If each member is doing the work they are trained in and naturally gifted at, then everyone benefits. Make a marketer part of your team. ICmatch member profiles include questions about work skills. Find others’ skillsets noted in the profile category labeled Skills. In your own profile, you can note what skills your intentional community or founders group is looking for.

DIY Marketing Tips

If you have too tight a budget currently, bestselling author Seth Godin has an excellent book on marketing and a blog where you can access 50 free videos. He is a truly generous and talented advocate for a type of marketing that targets only people who are most likely to be interested, your smallest viable audience.

Marketing for Non-profits and Prosocial Businesses

You are obviously doing generous work. That makes it easier to promote, but often our networks aren’t, shall we say, well resourced. We all would love it if our good intentions would automatically translate to a livable income, but sometimes it is a challenge to get that to work. Marketing experts can help you evaluate how you can monetize your offerings in a way that allows you to continue the good work.

Why Marketing Expenditure Makes Sense

Try it out. Ask your marketing expert to measure your website traffic before and after their work. Ask your new contacts how they heard of you. You can choose to increase or repeat only the tasks that have an observable payoff. Marketing experts potentially expand your income far past what you spend on their services. Our marketing experts are vetted. They won’t use gimmicky everyone’s-doing-it tactics. They’ve done marketing for ICmatch and, proof of their good work is, you found us!