Post Your Profile as a Group Representative

You can define yourself as a group representative at the time you create a member profile. If you have already created a member profile, you can choose to identify as a group representative by following these steps: go to My Account, then Profile Qs, find the category Relationships, locate the second question “Gender identity + number” and select one of the last four options. That will give you access to additional profile questions. Go to the Profile Qs, find the category Community Types, and scroll to the end for “About the group I represent.” There you can post a link.

Ideally you would discuss the following as a group:

  • If others in your group have an icmatch profile, you can list their display names in the Relationships category of the group profile, using the last item “Other ICmatch members in my pair or group.”
  • You can indicate your group chat platform in the Technology section of the profile. 
  • Define your financial and/or work contribution model. You can indicate your group decisions in the Resources & Contribution section of the profile. 
  • Try to agree on one or two governance styles. Want to know which is the most successful for intentional communities? Geoph Kozeny lived in six communities over 15 years then visited 300 to interview members and ex-members about what works. His response about what governance works: “Whatever the members wholeheartedly believe in” (Fellowship for Intentional Communities, 2014, p. 3).
  • In general, it’s helpful to decide as a group how to respond to the profile questions in a way that reflects an agreement of group members, instead of simply including more of the multiple-choice options to represent diversity of opinion. You can continue to adapt the responses as you gain more members and revise decisions.
  • Decide if there is a group type, in the Community Type section of the profile, which matches your intended IC. A group representative can use a free membership, or you may consider subscribing to a paid membership to get your group posted on a page that targets your group type.

Reference: Fellowship for Intentional Communities. (2014). In community, intentionally. In Best of Communities: I. Intentional Community Overview and Starting a Community. Foundation for Intentional Community.